Fresh Frozen Fish

by Mitchell on April 15, 2014

Fresh & Frozen Fish


Fresh and Frozen Fish unloaded form long-line vessels at the dock. All Grade A fish are exported directly to the auction markets in Japan. The items quoted below for export do not include Grade A fish. Other grades of fish are available for export H & G, loins, filets, and other special packages.


  • Availability: Availability subject to 48 hour reconfirmation.
  • Shipment: Only 40′ Reefer Containers are available in Guam.
  • Therefore, purchases are by 40′ Containers. Please allow 48 hours for vessel availabliity and shipping schedules.
  • Payment: Via irrevocable, transferable, and confirmed L/C at sight opened in favor of 
  • Notes: Prices and rates subject to change without notice.
Prices Week of July 2, 2001
Frozen Fish (H & G in Individual Plastic Bags (CIF Destination) in 40′ Containers
1. Tuna (Yellowfin) US$1.08/kg
2. Bill Fish (Swordfish) US$3.29/kg
3. Bill Fish (Marlin) US$1.75/kg
4. Shark US$0.92/kg – US$1.08/kg (depending on size)
5. Others (Mahi-Mahi, Wahoo, etc. US$0.30/kg – US$0.46/kg

Notes: Prices and insurance rates subject to change without notice.

Restoring Property Damage From Flooding

by Green on October 17, 2014

In the past, home, properties as well personal stuffs that were damaged by flooding were almost unsalvageable.  These days, due to the many innovations and advancements in technology, a lot of the things that are considered unsalvageable can now be restored.  Although some may not really look as good as the new, like books, documents, and pictures, the fact that they can still be salvaged and still be useable is very important, especially for very important papers.

Flood that stagnates can damage or stain your flooring, carpets, walls, and furniture.  Flood is particularly damaging on wood because when the wood swells, it warps or pops out of where it was previously placed on a tight fit.  Drying stagnated water can be hard if you do not have any water pumping equipment.  Also, drying out carpets on the sun does not always result in a nice way as the mud and dirt becomes baked into the fabric of the carpet.  If you encounter such flooding, if you want many of your stuff restored back to its usual state, you will need to hire professional water damage restoration services.

Water Damage Restoration-tigard-or

Water Damage Restoration-tigard-or

Water damage restoration services are experts in water damage repair.  They have full understanding on construction, repair, and restoration which is why they will most likely be able to deliver the service required of them – restoring the home and many of the items into its pre-flood state.  They are able to mostly accomplish this task because they have the necessary equipment, training, and experience to do restorations on properties that have been damaged by flooding.

The good thing about hiring water damage restoration services is that they are able to assess and provide estimations in writing on how much you will need to spend to hire them to do the necessary restoration task.  Additionally, since they will be doing some property damage assessments, they are also able to provide the option of doing mold removals.

The mold removal Calgary water damage restoration services have to offer can be a bargain when taken along with the restoration service.  Since flooding can most often cause mold growth on your property soaked by flood water, getting mold removal services can be beneficial because they have the necessary tools and organic chemicals to ensure that the mold they remove does not grow back.

How do you deal with water damage? It is easy to say that mold removal Calgary and Calgary asbestos abatement experts can get the job done. But if they take a while before they reach the area where you need professional water damage restoration help, how do you deal with the problem? Water damage repair can take a toll on your budget. Not only will it require experts to get it done right, but the damages that it has incurred in your things could cost a lot.

Step 1: Do not panic. A flooded house can make you worry a lot and sadly, worrying can make you stop doing what you are supposed to do. When you come home and see the house is flooded, call the experts quickly. The faster you call them, the earlier they will come. Being in a right state of mind, which means not panicking at all, can do a lot of wonder to your cleaning and home restoration after.

Step 2: Open your windows. You do not know what could be causing the flooded house and the dangers may not be lurking in the water but in the air too. After all, fresh air can help dry up the water faster and that is one of the wonders of nature that you will learn to thank after dealing with a whole lot of mess. If you still can, turn on the fan to help the water evaporate faster.

Calgary Water Damage 

Calgary Water Damage

Step 3: Get yourself the most dependable bucket and mop. With these two, you can start the cleaning process. Although you expect the experts to come and take care of the mess for you, there is no harm in trying to get rid of the water by mopping. Not only will it lessen the water, but it will lessen the damages in your furniture and the entire house too.

Step 4: Take out everything that you can to avoid further water damage. Whatever you can bring outside would prove most helpful. After all, these are things that are important to you. So if you can save them now, then do it now.

While you cannot clearly take care of the problem on your own, you have to be prepared for these emergency situations. You need to know what you can do to minimize the water damages before the experts get to your house to take care of everything for you. Don’t fret. Here are some of the most useful steps that you should remember when you come home to a flooded house.

All around the world, the climate is changing.  Weird weather conditions are becoming apparent and that some of these phenomenons have drastically changed the value of some locations.  The El Nino and La Nina have changed a lot of landscape settings that in some place, what was not prone to flooding or have never experienced flooding, have now become prone to flooding.  Homes, business, and offices that are situated in the now flood prone areas experience a lot waste, damage, grief, and expenses due to the damages that floodwater can do.

The truth is, if your area will flood, then it will flood and there is actually no way that you could stop the flooding.  Your local government may be able to lessen its impact by clearing out drainage systems and making sure that flood spillways are free from obstruction.  However, they can only do so much.  Now, the best thing you can do on your part for your home will be to elevate or block the area where floodwater enters your house.  It’s not a foolproof method but it does work.

If all things fail and you are faced with a flooding that has reached inside your home, it is crucial that you try to save as much of the things that you value as you can while making sure to keep yourself safe at all times. Once the flooding has subside, you will now be faced a lot of mud and dirt left from the flood.  Cleaning this will require a lot of effort so either you do this yourself or simply hire someone to do the cleaning will be up to you.  Once the whole area has been cleaned, you will need to visually assess the damage to see if you require some water damage repairs.  Hiring water damage restoration companies can help greatly in restoring back the overall looks of the home.

Water Damage

Water Damage

Most of the water damage that you will have will come from the wood, canvasses, and cloths that were submerged in the floodwater.  Repairs are neither easy nor difficult, but always tricky.  If you are planning to hire someone for the water damage restoration job, make sure to get their repair quotes on the restoration project first before entering a contract with them so that you know how much you need to have ready so you can employ their services.

Since molds are prone to growing on areas that have been flooded, getting these removed as well as the asbestos paneling is crucial.  The mold removal Calgary mold removal services are exceptional and are the most ideal to hire for such task.  Additionally, Calgary asbestos abatement services are the ones to think of when it comes to removing asbestos.

Water Damage Repair – How Difficult Can It Be?

by Green on September 24, 2014

If you’ve never experienced flooding before, then it’s likely that you are not aware of the whole heartbreak it can cause you.  While you may be aware that flooding can cause damage to properties, still, your idea of the matter will not be able to fathom the overall hassle, struggle, and costs by those who have been a victim of flooding.  The truth is, rising up after being a victim of flooding can be very difficult.  Not only will you be spending a lot of money on water damage restoration, but the loss of valuable possessions that can never be replaced like old pictures, collections, and memorabilia are simply unthinkable.

When you home gets ravaged by flood, the water damage repair can be insurmountable, especially then you have been caught unaware of the possible flooding and that you did not take any measures to relocate some of your more important, valuable, and expensive stuffs.  If you have become a victim of flooding, the amount of repairs initially is hard to determine.  This is because you first need to clean the area or drain out the flood water first before you can fully assess how much damage the flooding has brought you.

Cleaning can be a hassle because of the mud and muck that may have been brought along by the water.  If you can imagine this, then you know just how difficult and time-consuming the cleaning task can be.  One of the more common results of flooding is the breakout of molds.  Cleaning molds may look very easy, but if you are not able to eliminate them from their roots, they will just grow back as if nothing happened.

The problem with molds is that they can be hazardous to the health, especially when you have dark molds infestation.  The spores they produce are toxic which is why they need to be dealt with as soon as possible.  Hiring professionals that do mold removal is the best thing to do.  The mold removal Calgary mold removal services do is the best as not only do they have the right skills, but they also have the right tools and chemicals for the job.  Also, if you have asbestos in your home that needs removal, Calgary asbestos abatement services can help you deal with and get rid of this hazardous material safely and effectively.

Water Damage Repair – Hiring Professionals To Help

by Mitchell on September 24, 2014

Have you ever experienced flooding?  If so, then you are well aware of just how much damage flood water can do to your home.  The thing about flooding is that it cannot be avoided, especially if you live in an area that is prone to flooding.  Geologists call such area as flood basins or flood plains.  Aside from flood basins, there are many reasons as to why certain areas get flooded these days.  Such reasons include the urbanization, lack of vegetation, and climate changes.

Water Damage Repair

Water Damage Repair

When your home becomes a victim of flooding, the damages the floodwater does can be heartbreaking as not only do you lose some of your valuable and priceless possessions, such as old photographs that you can never replace or reproduce again, but also the expenses you need to make to replace the furniture and equipment that have been damaged.

Aside from just buying new equipment, you will also need to hire professionals for water damage restoration of the items and household stuff that you cannot buy off-the-shelf from your local home depot store.  Such water damage repair tasks include replacing carpeting, replacing wood panels, replacing baseboards, replacing doors and door frames, and replacing wallpaper or wall repainting.  All these repairs and replacements can cause significant outflow of money.

Another common issue when your house experiences flooding are mold issues.  Mold cannot simply be eliminated with just simple cleaning as they will just sprout back if you do not eliminate them completely from their roots.   Hiring professionals for this job will help you get rid of molds much better.  The mold removal Calgary mold removal services do is exceptional because their overall experience in removing molds has allowed them to learn how to remove mold more efficiently and more effectively.  This is why for serious mold removal tasks, Calgary mold removal services are the one to hire as they have the necessary tools, chemicals, and knowhow to help you get rid of the molds that have developed in your home.

If you happen to have any asbestos paneling that needs clearing out, Calgary asbestos abatement services are the professionals you should hire because they have the necessary experience and equipment in handling this hazardous material.

Occasional light rains can be a welcome sight at times for many as it helps moisten and soak up the dry the earth in your area, especially when there has not been any rain for many months.  While light rains can be considered good for the environment, heavy downpours that results in flooding are not, especially if they result in damaging properties within the neighborhood or even the whole locality.  If you’ve never experienced flooding before, the damage it can do to your home can be heartbreaking, especially when you need to think about the expenses you need to shell out for water damage repair.

Mold Removal

Mold Removal

Flooding is a serious issue for some areas.  In fact, due to climate changes, some areas that were not prone or considered prone to flooding before are now experiencing the pain caused by this weather phenomenon.  There are even times that the flooding can be so great that residents are forced to evacuate their homes for the time being.

The damages caused by flood can be serious as it not only damages electronics that have been submerged in water, but also furniture and other equipment.  If the damage caused by the flooding in your area is very serious, you will need to hire professionals to do the water damage restoration for you.  This would include repairing or replacing wood panels, carpeting, cabinetry, and many other parts of the home that may require replacing.  Asbestos paneling that are soaked in flood will require asbestos abatement as the loosened fibers are not good for the occupants.  Calgary asbestos abatement services are the ones to hire for this type of job.  There are times that even the door and its frame needs to be replaced because it has swollen up from being soaked in water and is no longer aligned to be set properly within its frame.

When you hire a professional for water damage restoration, they will normally document all the materials in your area that are damaged by water.  They will assess and evaluate the overall pricing of material as well as the labor cost.  If your place is sound and just needs mold removal.  The mold removal Calgary mold cleaners do is actually exceptional as they have the necessary tools and chemicals to help remove, eliminate, and clean the surface area where the mold is attached to.

Water Damage Restoration….

by Baker on April 16, 2014

When you are in the fishing business you get used to water.  Water is one of the best, most useful substances in the world… until it gets into your home and creates water damage!  I know firsthand what water damage can do and it is important you find a good, reputable water damage restoration Calgary company (that is if you are from Calgary like me).

If you need to find a good one simply type into Google “water damage restoration ‘city name'” where ‘city name’ is the name of the city you are located in.  You should be able to find a few good companies you can call.  Go ahead and give them a call and get some estimates.  You’d be amazed at the difference in price and service among various companies.  Don’t just settle for the first company you call.  Sometimes if it is an emergency you might not be able to afford being so picky and you will need to go with the first available company.

The key is realizing that you can’t just leave water damage.  If it is really bad, you need to do something about it so that you don’t end up with mold and then you will have to call a Calgary mold removal company.  And you don’t want mold because it can cause health problems.  So it is better you get the water damage dealt with right away.

Anyway, just a little advice from a guy who has lots of experience with water :-)

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